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Access to SAR data made easy

Highest resolution ever offered.

We're onboarding self-service customers

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No more hiding in the shadows

Critical tasking starting at $500

Know exactly what you're buying and how much it costs, without sitting on endless sales calls.

Preview of SAR Data
No hidden fees
No restrictive licenses
No wasted time
No bumping
Transparent pricing

Take control

Our data, your insights

When you buy satellite data, there should be no strings attached.


Other SAR providers

Transparent public pricing


Publicly shareable data

No–internal use only

Comprehensive data types

Detected and complex

Open self-service tasking

Data analytics


Hidden fees


Bumping from schedule


Our commitment to Open Licensing

Global monitoring

Frequent Revisit, Highest Resolution

The highest resolution commercial SAR satellite imagery ever offered.

Daily revisits

Regularly monitor your area of interest every 6-12 hours depending on its latitude.

UI showing notional revisit tasks

Take crisp pictures through clouds and smoke

Monitor your high-value areas with ease

Illuminate the night

Easily see at night with limited or no interference.

Mutual partnerships

Our mission stops at producing high-quality data

Competing with your customers is a zero-sum game. We produce the finest data. You deliver the valuable insights.

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Why we don’t do analytics

Predictable orders

Your order is guaranteed

No more getting bumped from the schedule by another customer. Umbra operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The first task in gains priority.

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