Ground-breaking detail in every image

Contrast and clarify the unknown 

Reduced speckle

Extended data collection minimizes the speckle in SAR images, yielding a clear, low-noise data product

See what you need to see

Analyze a 25-second video for interpretable data, including vehicle heading and speed.

Rapidly identify man-made objects

Highlighting man-made objects with colors, our Color Sub-Aperture Image (CSI) enhances clarity and context for spotting structures in dense environments or identifying moving cars in open fields. Delivered as a Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF.

Easily characterize images for better insights

Umbra’s uniquely agile satellite supports extremely long, focused measurements thanks to its ability to “squint” forwards and backwards. Use our dwell mode to easily characterize ground vehicle formations, metal in tree lines, vessels in port, and more. 

Generating Insights has never been easier

Detect and classify objects

Enhanced detail

Detect and analyze movement

Dwell pricing

Dwell is available as a noise-reduced enhanced detail GEOTIFF, CSI, and SAR video up to 25 seconds in length

Footprint Price
*CSI and SAR video can be added at a 40% premium

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