Umbra is a technology company launching a constellation of next-generation microsatellites.  Our remote sensing satellites can capture images day and night regardless of weather conditions, for delivery via an integrated web platform.


Umbra’s goal is to empower customers by offering them both high quality and affordable data. Enabling a sustainable market driven ecosystem to create the most valuable products for our commercial customers which the US military, government and US taxpayers can benefit from as customers.



Umbra has undergone extensive testing of our core intellectual property to ensure our hardware and data meet customer expectations. The key driver of SAR satellite performance and resulting image quality is power aperture. Umbra’s SAR payload has an incredibly powerful antenna that can reliably produce large quantities of single-look, sub-meter SAR imagery.



Umbra is dedicated to providing better products. Reliable active illumination produces images that are not constrained by the lighting and environmental conditions that limit optical satellites. Image orders are collected and distributed to customers in a timely and predictable manner.


Our customized payload implements a variety of operating modes to provide sub-meter spatial resolution, high accuracy topographic mapping and precise geolocation.



We built a fully software defined radar utilizing the latest commercial technology to deliver exquisite image quality.  Combined with a powerful antenna and digital signal processing, the radar exploits more than 1,200 MHz of bandwidth to deliver .25 meter (0.25 x 0.10) imagery. Our unique approach balances mass, volume and power while conforming to a microsatellite form factor.  This means higher quality images at a lower price point for your SAR data services and analytics.