SAR imaging modes that best suit your needs

Our industry-leading signal-to-noise ratio ensures that every image, in every mode is always crisp

Remote sensing

Whether you need the finest 25cm resolution data, a Colorized Sub-aperture Image, or several spotlight dense target collections over an area in one pass, tailor Umbra’s imaging modes to your monitoring needs.


Focus on the most critical details from a single image. Generate the insights you need. 

Umbra’s uniquely agile satellite supports extremely long, focused measurements thanks to its ability to “squint” forwards and backwards. 


Maximize industry-leading 25cm resolution with our uniquely agile spacecraft, delivering top-quality data in high volumes for unparalleled insights.

In Spotlight mode, the spacecraft slews in azimuth for optimal ground plane resolution. Longer target dwell times enhance synthetic aperture, ensuring superior ground plane resolution.

Future modes

Stay ahead with our upcoming remote sensing modes, unlocking unparalleled insights through cutting-edge imaging capabilities.

Explore the future of SAR technology with us.


Efficiently monitor vast areas with Stripmap, capturing hundreds of square kilometers in high resolution (1-2 meters per pixel) with one image.

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Mosaic enables high-resolution spotlight data collection across multiple adjacent areas, seamlessly stitching together a contiguous, large-scale view. Preserve Spotlight mode’s exceptional spatial resolution while extending coverage effortlessly.

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Scan mode

Scan mode captures vast areas in low resolution (1m x 10m), perfect for monitoring vessels and detecting sea-ice and icebergs in open waters.

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