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Deliver global omniscience

To stay ahead of climate change, wildlife protection, and other major crises and issues, we need a global understanding of what is changing, where, and how fast.

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Our vision

By providing easy access to the highest quality commercial satellite data available, we are an indispensable tool for the growing number of organizations monitoring the Earth to solve global issues.

An Introduction to Umbra

About Umbra

Our Principles

Umbra delivers on this vision by building cutting-edge products for our analytics customers solving complex business and security challenges for the United States and its allies.

Software: First Principles

Space Systems: First Principles

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Surfers. Sailors. StarCraft players. Stand-up comics. We welcome all stripes at Umbra. The one thing we all share in common is a passion for our mission and the work that follows from it.

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HQ in downtown Santa Barbara

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Office in downtown Austin

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