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SANTA BARBARA, CA – DARPA has selected Umbra to join the Distributed Radar Image Formation Technology (DRIFT) Program. The program uses commercially developed satellites to support government goals with a focus on formation flying and joint collection from small SAR satellites to collect synchronized monostatic and bistatic data.

“Umbra is thrilled to partner with DARPA on this program. We commend DARPA’s innovative use of their Other Transaction Authority to move quickly and meet the commercial market where it is. We are also excited that DARPA is leading the way within government to actively leverage the substantial commercial investments and corresponding capability in the commercial space industry” —  Jason Mallare, Vice President of Government Programs at Umbra.

Umbra was founded on the belief that by providing easy access to the highest quality commercial satellite data available, we can become an indispensable tool for the growing number of organizations monitoring the Earth to make data-driven decisions that address global issues.

Umbra delivers on this mission by building cutting-edge hardware and software products for our analytics customers which solve complex business and security challenges for the United States and its allies.

Umbra’s satellites are equipped with a powerful Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payload, capable of seeing both day and night and through dense clouds to generate the highest-resolution radar images ever sold on the commercial market. Umbra is excited to participate in this effort and hopes to make meaningful contributions to U.S. national security objectives.

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