Umbra partners with EUSI to offer SAR imagery to European remote sensing projects

EUSI 30-cm optical paired with Umbra 16-cm SAR

Santa Barbara, CA – Umbra, a leader in advanced space radar technology, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with European Space Imaging (EUSI), a leading provider of Very High Resolution (VHR) optical satellite imagery. This partnership will allow customers to purchase Umbra’s industry-leading Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data directly through EUSI.

This collaboration offers a significant benefit to remote sensing data users across Europe and North Africa, as they can now acquire the world’s highest resolution space-based optical and SAR imagery – 30-cm and 25-cm resolutions respectively – from a single local source. EUSI now has the unique position on the market to coordinate SAR and optical tasking to guarantee acquisitions independently from the weather, and ensure the continuity of monitoring requests.

Under the partnership agreement, EUSI will gain the ability to oversee global tasking and delivery of SAR imagery for its customers using Umbra’s advanced satellite constellation and tasking platform. Umbra currently operates six satellites, with plans to launch more throughout 2023 and 2024. Renowned for their agility, the satellites can efficiently collect data in various modes and deliver single and multi-look SAR imagery with resolutions ranging from an industry-leading unrivaled 16-cm resolution in the ground plane up to 1-m for wider-area monitoring.

Through our partnership with Umbra, EUSI solidifies its commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced and comprehensive geospatial solutions available

– Adrian Zevenbergen, CEO of European Space Imaging

“Through our partnership with Umbra, EUSI solidifies its commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced and comprehensive geospatial solutions available,” said Adrian Zevenbergen, CEO of European Space Imaging. “The integration of SAR data into our offerings will enhance our ability to deliver unparalleled insights and empower organizations across Europe to make informed decisions with confidence.”

The introduction of SAR products into EUSI’s portfolio will unlock a myriad of opportunities across diverse sectors, including emergency response, maritime and defense & intelligence. SAR imagery is particularly valuable in these areas due to its ability to capture imagery at night and penetrate clouds, enabling users to gather critical information even in adverse weather conditions. Umbra’s highest resolution commercially available SAR data, flexible tasking, competitive pricing, and straightforward licensing further enhance the appeal to EUSI’s customers.

“EUSI is one of the most respected and trusted brands in Earth observation, and their choice to bring us into their portfolio speaks volumes,” said Joe Morrison, VP of Commercial Experience at Umbra. “EUSI are relentlessly focused on what’s best for their customers, which is how they’ve built decades-long relationships with the largest users of Earth observation data across the markets they serve. It’s an honor to be working closely with them, and another huge vote of confidence not only in our technology but in our whole service offering.”

About EUSI

European Space Imaging (EUSI) has led the earth observation sector in Europe for more than 20 years, providing the best Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery commercially available. The first to bring 30 cm resolution satellite imagery to the European market, EUSI is firmly established as the most trusted source for efficient collection and Near Real-Time (NRT) delivery of high-quality satellite imagery products. Through their ground station at the German Aerospace Center, EUSI continues to directly access the most advanced optical imagery satellites in the world and propel Europe into the next age of remote sensing technologies. Learn more at