Umbra Releases Over $4 Million in Free SAR Data 

Umbra releases over $4 million of free SAR data

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Mar 1, 2024 – Umbra, a vertically integrated space technology company, announced today that it has made over $4 million of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data available to the public via its Open Data Program, which launched on March 15, 2023.

In less than a year, Umbra has already shared over 3,000 images with the public, surpassing the combined open data offerings of its two closest competitors by more than tenfold.

SkyFi heat map of Umbra's open data
SkyFi heat map of Umbra open data:

Users can directly access Umbra’s open data catalog through AWS and SkyFi. The SkyFi platform provides users with a unique opportunity to explore past landscapes and changes over time, in an easy-to-use browsing experience.

Umbra’s Open Data Program has imaged over 1000+ locations, ranging from emergency response, ports, to picturesque places. The Open Data Program also frequently monitors 20+ global locations, leveraging SAR’s unique capabilities for change monitoring. Explore the data to track deforestation, mines, agricultural sites, and more.