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Simple, straightforward pricing

Know exactly what you’re buying and how much it costs.

Our flagship product offering

Spotlight Task requests

4x4 km Scene Size

A consistent, guaranteed footprint

Included Data

GeoTIFF, SICD, and metadata JSON included for all products

Phase History

CPHD available for all products for an additional 35% fee per collect

Single-looked product

Shorter dwell times—optimized for very efficient and dense collection

1m Resolution

Medium Resolution


0.5m Resolution

High Resolution


0.35m Resolution

Very High Resolution


0.25m Resolution

Very High Resolution


Multi-looked product

Longer dwell times—reduce speckle and aid visual interpretation

2x-Looked 1m Resolution

Medium Resolution


4x-Looked 1m Resolution

Medium Resolution


2x-Looked 0.5m Resolution

High Resolution


No hidden fees
No restrictive licenses
No wasted time
No bumping

We're currently onboarding customers via our Early-Access Program. Contact us for access

The umbra guarantee


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