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Synthetic Aperture Radar

Ask and answer questions about what's changing on the surface of the Earth anywhere, anytime.

Comparison SAR image of Santa BarbaraComparison basemap of Santa Barbara

Persistent monitoring you can count on

SAR is perfect for monitoring, and our constellation of spacecraft can be reliably tasked to image anywhere on the Earth multiple times a day.

All weather conditions
Take crisp pictures through clouds, smoke, and at night with limited or no interference.
Ultra-high resolution
Our satellites generate the highest resolution SAR ever offered commercially from on orbit.
Global coverage
Every satellite revisits your target of interest once every 6-12 hours, depending on its latitude.
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SAR imagery of Sanata Barbara at 15cm resolution
15cm Resolution
This capability is unique to Umbra and near the theoretical limit of the system. Currently, this extremely high resolution data is restricted to select customers.
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Tasking satellite imagery should be as easy as booking a hotel room. Canopy, our new imagery ordering system, makes that possible.

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Before we launch publicly, we're working with a select group of beta partners who have early access to Canopy and our SAR data.
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