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Tasking Satellites

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Finally, a satellite imagery company willing to
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Ordering satellite imagery has never been easier

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Complete creative freedom

When you buy data from us, we provide it to you under a Creative Commons license that gives you the right to do just about anything you want with it: re-sell, share it freely with the public, or keep it for yourself. No licensing fees. No re-selling limitations. No sharing restrictions.

You're in control

Task our satellite the exact same way our flight operators do. Umbra operates on a first-come, first-served model. The first to task gains priority. No sales calls necessary. No getting bumped off the schedule.

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Only pay for the data you need

Know exactly what you’re buying, how much it costs, and when it will arrive. Completely transparent pricing. No hidden fees or uplifts.

High resolution, frequent revisit

Monitor your area of interest once every 6-12 hours, depending on its latitude. Take crisp pictures through clouds, smoke, and at night with limited or no interference. Our satellites generate the highest resolution SAR ever offered commercially from on orbit.
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