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Umbra Sample Data – First Look Aerial Collection

  • Approximate Location of Capture: 34.42791, -119.895744
  • Altitude of Aircraft: 8,100 ft
  • Grazing Angle: 25º
  • Approximate Resolution:~15cm ground projected
  • Collection Mode: Stripmap

How does this compare to anticipated space-based data?

This data was captured during an effort to test the efficacy of our radar payload and subsystems. It is meant to emulate the quality of data we anticipate being able to capture once on orbit, but is not intended to be interpreted as a 1:1 replica. There are several ways in which the methods used to generate this data differ from our space-based system:

Umbra’s patented high gain antenna is not designed for use in aerial systems. It is massive. Its unfolded dimensions are huge—more than 10m² when completely deployed. So, rather than use the same antenna, we used a scaled-down antenna and functionally identical subassembly more appropriate for the range and altitude associated with an aerial collection.

Similarly, current regulation does not allow us to transmit at full power during aerial tests, so power generation was scaled to an appropriate level using a different amplifier orders of magnitude less powerful than the one embedded on Umbra’s satellite.

Lastly, the imaging mode employed for this collection, Stripmap, is not the same imaging mode that will be used to produce sub-meter data once on orbit. 1m Images taken for 1m and below ground projected data will typically be captured using a “Spotlight” mode technique with our space-based system. We hope this sample data is useful for getting familiar with the file formats, metadata, and theoretical performance limits of our future space-based constellation of SAR sensors.

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15 cm image

15 cm image

SAR data on map for context

34.427921, -119.895744

15 cm image

Four 12oz aluminum cans

Download Full Resolution Imagery (200mb)
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